I am a Management Consultant at Booz Allen Hamilton. While I was in college, I created the first consulting group on campus. Through my experiences in school and in work, I have a wide set of analytical skills, which has allowed me to be a better critical thinker. I have worked with a variety of software and programs.  Additionally, I have consulting experience in data and financial analysis.

Creative Innovation and Web Design

I have a passion for creativity. I love matching my skills in data analytics with creative storytelling.I  have designed websites, made marketing and social media campaigns, designed flyers, posters, and everything else in between. While knowing the foundations of some of the Adobe Suite and constantly learning more, I can combine my skills and creative side to create colorful content and tell moving stories.


Marketing and Branding

Many of my experiences have been in marketing and branding. While concentrating in Marketing during my undergrad, I have had experiences in consumer behavior through digital marketing. In addition, I have created logos and crafted strong branding messages. I have also done deep competitive market analysis and research to back up my marketing strategies.


Data Analytics and Visualizations

I graduated with my M.B.A. in Information Management and Business Analytics from Clark University in 2019. I love making a robust spreadsheet and cleaning data. At work, I love combining data analysis with storytelling through data visualizations. My specialization is in data visualizations, usually using Tableau. Most recently, I have been learning core data science skills, such as Python and R. 



Hello and thank you for checking out my website! Currently, I am a Consultant at Booz Allen Hamilton in Washington, D.C. I am a recent Clark University M.B.A. graduate concentrating in Information Management and Business Analytics. Prior to that, I graduated with a B.A. in Management and Entrepreneurship in 2018.

My experiences are in consulting, strategic planning, marketing, branding, sales, social media, retail, website design and development, and real estate. 

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